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Included are the list of questions that Stephanie provided me, I encourage you to consider what the Bible has to say in response to them and share your thoughts.
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Sticky: The church is reeling from the recent Supreme Court decision in favor of same sex marriage. The question remains: how does the Christian respond to an individual who is gay?
0211 over a year ago
How do you think this issue will shape the American church in the future?
0224 over a year ago
Is there ways the church could express love differently to the LGBT community?
0210 over a year ago
Why do you think the church has reacted in such polarizing ways? (Total acceptance like the United Church of Christ in St. Joseph promoting a pride event vs. absolute condemnation like Westboro church.)
0217 over a year ago
Do you think LGBT people are as aggressive as we make them out to be? Why or why not?
0209 over a year ago
How does ¬?turn the other cheek¬? correlate especially when the LGBT movement is being aggressive towards Christians?
0197 over a year ago
What about someone who calls himself a gay celibate?
0293 over a year ago
What about a gay person who becomes a believer? Where does love stop and discipline begin?
0203 over a year ago
What happens if a gay person visits church?
0288 over a year ago
Where do we ¬?draw the line¬? between enabling and showing love?
0276 over a year ago
What should day-to-day interaction look like with a homosexual coworker, neighbor, relative etc.?
0206 over a year ago
Should we build friendships with a gay person?
0280 over a year ago
Should a Christian eat, serve, or socialize with someone practicing homosexuality?
0192 over a year ago
How do we keep from alienating a homosexual from the gospel while not condoning their lifestyle?
0212 over a year ago
Would there be different responses to a homosexual neighbor, a homosexual who visits church, and a gay person who professes Christianity? What would those responses look like? What about an antagonistic gay person?
0192 over a year ago
How is the sin of homosexuality different from other forms of immorality?
0202 over a year ago
How do we love and maintain holiness?
0293 over a year ago
What does it mean to love sinners?
0275 over a year ago
Are there any relevant commands/examples in Scripture that could have a say in how Christian¬?s treat a homosexual? How do think Jesus would have responded to a gay person?
0200 over a year ago
How should a Christian view and respond to homosexuality in general? How is a church¬?s response different than an individual Christian¬?s?
0296 over a year ago
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