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AWANA stands for Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed, which is from 2 Timothy 2:15.   The Goal of AWANA is to Reach Boys and Girls with the 
Gospel of Jesus Christ and to Train Them to Serve Him. The means of reaching and training the children are through Bible Memorization, Bible Teaching, and Bible-centered Curriculum.  Other activities include Games, Crafts, Awards, and Special Events.

AWANA at Grace Church

Grace Church is starting off our 2018-2019 AWANA Club for 3 year old (potty-trained) through 6th grade children on Sunday, October 14.  Each club night will begin at 6:20 pm for check-in and closing ceremony will begin at 8:00.  Your clubber will be ready to head home by 8:15 pm. 
Age Groups are as follows:
PreK-5 Years Old - Cubbies
K-2nd Grade - Sparks
3rd-6th Grade - T&T (Truth & Training)

Club Schedule

Awana Schedule
6:20 pm
 Opening Ceremony
 Opening Ceremony
 Opening Ceremony
 Lesson Time
 Game Time
 Game Time
 Game Time
 Lesson Time
 Lesson Time
 Small Group Time
Small Group Time
 Small Group Time
 Closing Ceremony
 Closing Ceremony
 Closing Ceremony
8:15 pm
 Parent Pick-up
Parent Pick-Up
 Parent Pick-Up


Grace Church is only charging our costs for the uniform (vest or jersey) and the cost of the book, both of which your clubber will own.  Below is a list of the cost of the uniform and book (per book) for each grouping.  We are asking the reimbursement be made to Grace Church at your earliest convenience, as we are paying for your clubbers uniform and book in advance.  Indicate if you need financial assistance for your child(ren) to attend, we have limited scholarships available.  Please indicate your need for a scholarship in the registration below.    

Cubbies - Cubbies Vest: $11 Cubbies Handbook:  $11  Total Cubbies Cost: $22

Sparks - Sparks Vest: $11   Sparks Handbook:  $11  Total Sparks Cost: $22

T&T - T&T Jersey: $17   T&T Handbook: $11   Total Sparks Cost: $28

The Uniforms & Handbooks can be pre-paid through Paypal below, or you may pay for them by check or cash during registration.  If you want to pre-pay, after you have completed registering, scroll down and select from the options given.  Though the button says buy now, it is merely a reimbursement as Grace Church will be paying in advance for your clubbers uniform and book.  Orders will be available to pick up at Grace Church on an Awana night during check-in.

If you have any questions, please contact our Awana Director Chris at the church office at 913-299-9799.


Thank you for registering your child for AWANA at Grace Church. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday nights at 6:20pm.
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Pre-Pay for Uniforms and Handbooks 

Cubbies & Sparks Uniforms & Handbooks

Cubbies Vest & Handbook


(Includes Uniform & Handbooks. Will be ordered and then available after completing 

Cubbies Entry Booklet.)

Sparks Vest & Handbook


(Includes Uniform & Handbooks.  Will be ordered and then available after completing            Sparks Entry Booklet.)

Cubbies & Sparks Vest or Handbook Only

Cubbies Vest Only

Cubbies Handbook Only

Sparks Vest Only

Sparks Handbook Only 

T&T Jerseys & Handbook

T&T Jersey & Handbook


(Includes Uniform & Handbooks. Will be ordered and then available after completing T&T Entry Booklet.  The Green Jersey is for 3rd and 4th Grade and the Blue Jersey is for 5th & 6th Grade.)

T&T Jersey or Handbook Only

T&T Jersey Only (3rd & 4th Grade)

T&T Jersey Only (5th & 6th Grade)


T&T Handbook Only

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