Grace Christian Fellowship Church

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Preschool Class

The Scriptures are taught to the children through activities, memorization, and teaching at their level of understanding. This class is using the "Answer Bible Curriculum" which considers God's character traits and how we should live our lives with who He is in view.  Your children will enjoy learning about our amazing God from the Scriptures Sunday after Sunday. 


Your children will not only learn what the Scriptures say and mean but they will also learn to study the Scriptures for themselves. The Word of God is explained through use of dynamic teaching, vivid illustrations and visuals, and Scripture memorization.  This class is using the "Answers Bible Curriculum" which considers God's character traits and how we are to live our lives in view of who He is.

Young Ladies Class

The Scriptures are not merely meant to be studied but also applied to our lives.  The Young Ladies Class will challenge you to have a life conformed to the Word of God, beginning from the inward person of the heart to bearing fruit in your practical life.  This class is currently using "True Femininity" by Leslie Ludy, a curriculum involving video, classroom discussion, and study at home.      

Young Men's Class

This class studies the Scripture to build you up in the faith but also to spur you on to Biblically reach out with your faith.  The current material for this class is the "Proof of God Conference" DVD series, which teaches the authority of the Scripture, giving an answer for the faith, and equips us to be declaring the Gospel.  The Scripture and a video will be used as the basis for each class discussion.     


For an in depth but steady pace study of the Scriptures, you will want to come to this adult class.  God reveals His very character through His mighty acts and interactions with His people and we take the time to study various books of the Bible that we would know Him.  We are currently studying Exodus 12-24  with Deuteronomy 4-6.